Weight Loss

Weight loss to a healthy weight for a person's height can promote health benefits. These include lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, less stress on bones and joints, and less work for the heart. It is vital to maintain weight loss to obtain health benefits over a lifetime.

A Wholefoods Plant-Based diet makes blancing your weight so easy! As this diet is naturally bulky and low in calories you can eat guilt free without having to count calories and your weight will naturally shed.

Of course even within plant-based diets there are important tricks to know. Please book a consultation now if you struggle with weight loss and we can have a look at how to optimise your diet and lifestyle in order to make you fall in love with food! As a healthy relationship with food is key to a healthy happy you :) We will also talk about Mindful Eating and exercise practices.

Many other reasons such as hormonal, emotional, an imbalance of bacteria, etc. can also afect weight so we will make to look at the whole picture when making recommendations.